EP GROUP - About Us

About Us

EP GROUP has been a leading manufacturer of precision mechanical components for more than 50 years. EP was the first company to satisfy the need for pre-engineered gear products and was one of the first mechanical "catalog" companies, inspiring many imitators. EP continues to stand out from the competition by expanding beyond its diverse range of gear products and offering one-stop shopping for all rotary and linear motion needs.

Our facility is located in the Naugatuck Valley of Connecticut, an area known for its diverse manufacturing base. Our 35,000 square foot shop is equipped to manufacture your custom designs or high volume orders. EP's experienced staff bolsters our reputation for quality, evident in our count of 20,000+ active customers.

In 2008 EP GROUP was purchased by RBC Bearings, a leader in the world of highly engineered bearing products. EP benefits greatly from RBC's broad resources and commitment to excellence.

EP GROUP is an ISO 9001:2008 registered company.