How do I shop online?

You must create an account on our website to shop online. Our shopping cart will have a link to login/register. Simply navigate to the cart on the top right of our homepage or from a product page, fill in your information and create your account. Once logged in you can add items to your cart and place your orders online.

Can I download CAD models of your parts?

Yes, we offer downloadable CAD files in several formats. You can either enter the part number you need in the search box or navigate through our product listing to find the part. There, you will find a "CAD" button next to the "Add to Cart" button. Click on this button to select your download format.

How do I submit a request for quotation on a special part?

If you have a custom part you would like EP GROUP to manufacture for you, please email In your message be sure to include your drawing (preferred) or detailed product description, the quantity to quote, and your company and contact information. EP will respond with a price and delivery.

Where can I learn the basics of using gears?

EP GROUP's PDF catalogue (available for download) includes technical information about using our products. The first few pages of Section 12 and Section 13 have basic definitions and formulas to get you started using gears. If further information is needed, please call EP to speak with a salesperson or engineer. You can also email with your questions.

How do I find your prices and inventory?

This information is available online by either entering the part number in the search box or navigating to it through our product listing. Adding the part to your shopping cart will display the QOH (Quantity on Hand) and price, as well as lead time if the part is not in stock. You can also call EP's customer service at 1-800-243-6125 to speak with a representative.

Who can assist me with technical questions?

EP GROUP's catalog is the first place to look for your answers. The full catalog, available for download in PDF format from our website, has detailed specs for all our products, often providing more detail than our interactive web catalog. Along with the relevant product specs, each section has its own technical pages that aid in product selection and use. EP's catalog also has a separate section (Section 13) dedicated entirely to gear terminology, calculations and specifications. If you can't find your answer in our catalog, our application engineers can provide additional support.