Clutches, Brakes, Flexible Couplings & Joints

Clutches, Brakes, Flexible Couplings, Joints

In conjunction with our precision shafting product line, EP GROUP carries a full range of flexible coupling options, manufactured and supplied with or without corresponding shafting. We offer standard couplings, custom couplings, and can modify standard couplings and clutches to suit your application. We're happy to take a look at a print, shaft, or existing coupling to assist in product selection or modification and provide our professional assessment.\

What flexible coupling sizes and specifications are available?

We specialize in high-misalignment coupling products, and feature a wide range of coupling styles and types to suit almost any application. Each coupling is available with clamp, pin, or screw attachment configurations. Coupling specifications are as follows:

Bore - Up to 5/8"
Types - Elastomer Jaw, U-Joint, Wafer Spring, Oldham, Bellow, Sleeve, Universal Lateral, Zero Backlash, Angular Misalignment, Multi-Jaw, Helical
Lateral Misalignment - Up to .188"
Angular Misalignment - Up to 15°

Other available coupling components and varieties include:

  • Shaft Extensions
  • Inch to Metric Adapters
  • Bore Reducers
  • Motor Couplings
  • Servo Couplings
  • Zero Backlash Couplings
  • Miniature Couplings
  • Shaft to Shaft joints

From what materials are couplings tyEPally constructed?

With both plastic and metal coupling options, we can manufacture a part with the right features for your application. Material options are:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Delrin
  • Elastomer
  • Neoprene

What are tyEPal coupling applications?

If you have any questions about the suitability of a coupling for your project, please contact us for assistance. A few examples of products and industries in which our shafting and couplings are found include:

Control Systems (Sensor Drives) - Encoders, Potentiometers
Medical - X-Ray Table, Blood Analyzers
Office Equipment (Motor Drives) - Ticket Dispensers, Copier Machines

Clutches, Brakes, Flexible Coupling, Joints Product Offerings

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>> Brakes

EP offers a selection of flange mounted shaft brakes that can be actuated by either applying or removing voltage. Our parts come in several voltage ranges and a number of bore sizes to complement our standard shafting.

>> Clutches

Our catalog offers clutches that either act between two shafts or between a shaft and a mounted component like a gear or pulley. Products are available for either continuous slip or electrical engagement duty. Slip torque is pre-set and selectable on some models, while other models are fully adjustable.

>> Flexible Couplings

EP has a complete line of flexible couplings that can accommodate the misalignments expected when assembling precision drives.

>> Joints

When shaft to shaft misalignment is great, EP can provide either single or double universal joints in both plastic and stainless steel.