Speed Reducers & Gear Boxes

Speed Reducers & Gear Boxes

Our line of speed reducers and gearboxes are available in a number of standard configurations, with a wide range of available ratios to provide maximum efficiency, even in smaller spaces. Our expertise with gearbox assembly and design, along with our selection of supporting components, grants you confidence in choosing EP GROUP as your source for mechanical speed reduction equipment. Many of our speed reducers and gearboxes are suitable for use with standard motors and servos, facilitating use in a wide range of products and applications.

Gear Assembly Product Offerings

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>> Geneva Mechanisms

Intermittent motion devices comprised of two linked parts that mount on parallel shafts. One input shaft rotation causes the output shaft to index at a fixed angle and lock.

>> Helical Gear Assemblies

Right angle gearboxes using helical gears mounted on non-intersecting shafts. Standard ratios from 1:1 to 1:3.

>> Intermittent Motion Assemblies

Gearboxes containing Geneva mechanisms.

>> Miter and Bevel Gear Boxes

Right angle gearboxes containing bevel gears that can deliver ratios from 1:1 to 1:3.

>> Precision Gear Heads

Cylindrical gearboxes with coaxial input and output, designed to receive input from a small pinion gear.

>> Precision Speed Reducers

Cylindrical gearboxes with coaxial input and output shafts.

>> Servo Gear Boxes

Parallel shaft gearboxes using a series of spur gears to obtain a wide range of ratios.

>> Worm and Wheel Assembly

Right angle gearboxes using worm gearing to achieve high reductions.

What are your speed reducer and gearbox specification ranges?

The specialized requirements for many speed reducer and gearbox applications call for a variety of different configurations. EP GROUP is ready to address your needs, within the following ranges:

Ratios - 2:1 to 3600:1
Number of Clusters - 1 to 6
Type - Same or Opposite Direction Output
- Parallel, 90°, or Collinear Output

What speed reducer and gearbox varieties do you offer?

We feature a number of different types of gearboxes and speed reducers to suit your application. They are:

  • Bevel Gearboxes
  • Miter Gearboxes
  • Helical Gear Assemblies
  • Worm and Wheel Assemblies
  • Right Angle Drives
  • Geneva Mechanisms
  • Servo Gearboxes
  • Gear Heads
  • Gear Trains
  • Planetary Gear Sets

Our gearboxes are constructed from the following materials:

  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • 416 Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum

We are happy to assist with your custom designs. Simply contact us with the existing details and job requirements.

What are tyEPal speed reducer and gearbox applications?

Our speed reducers and gearboxes are used in many interesting applications. Common industries, functions, and products include:

  • Potentiometer, Encoder and Sensor Drives in Control Systems
  • Optics Adjustment, Part Positioning in Microscopes, Comparators and Inspection Equipment
  • Small Table Drives in a Number of Manufacturing Applications
  • Gauge and Dial Drives in Machinery