Whether the need is to transfer motion or transmit power, EP GROUP has the complete range of gearing to fulfill any application requirement. Standard gears and assemblies are available for operation on parallel and right-angle shafts, with gear racks for linear motion applications.

>> Anti-Backlash

A gear consisting of two spring repelled sections. The sections align to the profile of a single gear, but when sprung apart effectively make an expanding tooth. This expanding tooth takes up the clearance in the gear mesh effectively eliminating backlash. Available as Spur, Worm and Miter Gears.

>> Cluster

Two or more spur gears attached to each other, resulting in a one piece, multiple gear part. Available as spur gears with provisions for mounting an additional hubless gear.

>> Helical

Designed with a 45° Helix angle to operate on parallel or right angle shafts.

>> Hubs and Blanks

Several hub types are available for use with our hubless gears to facilitate shaft attachment. Gear blanks have the outside dimensions of a finished gear but no gear teeth machined in.

>> Miter and Bevel Gears

Designed and manufactured to operate on intersecting shafts positioned at a right angle.

>> Pinion Shafts

Gears machined on the ends of shafts, providing multiple mounting and driving options.

>> Precision Gear Rack

Gear teeth oriented along a straight line, providing rotary to linear movement when meshed with a circular spur gear.

>> Spiral

A set of gears designed to operate at right angles without the input shaft intersecting the output shaft.

>> Standard Spur Gears

Designed and manufactured to mount on parallel shafts, adhering to the Inch system (by Diameteral Pitch)

>> Metric Spur Gears

Designed and manufactured to mount on parallel shafts, adhering to the Metric system (by Module)

>> Worm and Wheel

High ratios attainable in a single reduction using non-intersecting, right angle shafts.