Housings and Hangers

Housings and Hangers

EP offers a number of hangers, housings and supports for mounting the bearings used in your drive system. Each housing has a bearing bore sized to fit the outer race of our E series ball bearings. Some part numbers come with machined grooves in the bearing bore for retaining rings. Parts are designed to mount to surfaces either parallel or perpendicular to the bearing centerline.

>> Bearing Housing

This part is a simple aluminum bearing housing with a flange, designed to bolt to surfaces perpendicular to the bearing centerline. The parts come with retaining ring grooves and are available in different bore sizes and lengths.

>> Bearing Mounting Plate

This flat aluminum plate bolts to surfaces perpendicular to the bearing centerline and has a 5/8'' bore for mounting a single bearing.

>> Component Mounting Hangers

These parts are simple aluminum hangers available with 10 standard machining configurations that are designed to accept a number of tyEPal bearings, motor faces, and bolt circles.

>> Shaft Hangers

EP offers single and double column shaft hangers, sized for standard E series ball bearings in a number of different mounting heights.