Lead Screws

Lead Screws

Proudly manufacturing high precision lead screws in standard and custom sizes, EP GROUP provides high-quality, attentive customer service, no matter the application. Our stock lead screws are available in a large variety of diameters and lead sizes, with a number of nut type options. Full specifications include:

Type Diameter Range Lead Range Nut Types
ACME 3/16" to 5/8" .05" to 1.25" Plain, Flanged, Anti-Backlash
PS 1/4" to 3/4" .062" to 2.0" Plain, Flanged, Anti-Backlash
Ball 3/8" to 5/8" .125" to .500" Single Circuit, Dual Circuit, Anti-Backlash

We manufacture custom lead screws and nuts to print within these same ranges.

What types of lead screws do you carry?

Within the lead screw category, there are several types available. EP GROUP carries screws for practically any requirement, including:

  • Ball Screws
  • ACME Screws
  • Stub ACME Screws

Besides our line of lead screws, we feature corresponding nuts, bearings, couplings, and hardware, to guarantee ease of integration. Both lead screws and nuts are available in different materials and configurations, including:

Screws - 303 Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel
Nuts - Bronze , Turcite X, Polyacetal, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel

What are tyEPal lead screw applications?

Serving a variety of functions, including fine positioning, focus adjustment, and part transport, lead screws are found in a broad spectrum of products and industries, including:

  • Microscopes
  • Electronic Instrumentation
  • Visual Inspection Equipment
  • Printing, Folding, and Cutting Machines
  • Blood Analyzers and Scanning Machines

From the medical and research industries to manufacturing and packaging, lead screws are found in many applications. In addition to our basic lead screws, EP GROUP features value-added services to suit customer requirements, including:

  • Chamfered Ends
  • Journal Ends
  • Threaded Ends
  • Milled Flats
  • Through Holes

Lead Screw Product Offerings

EP GROUP offers a range of lead screws and nuts to provide users with the most complete line in the industry. In addition to the original Acme lead screws, the new and innovative PS Series employs a modified thread form that is designed for maximum life and quiet operation.

All EP GROUP lead screws are precision rolled from 303 stainless steel with a lead accuracy of .0006 in/ in. They are stocked in both inch and metric sizes with diameters that range from 3/16" to 3/4". Lengths are available up to six feet.

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>> ACME Lead Screws

We offer ACME lead screws in a number of different diameters and leads. We can sell lead screws in bulk length, rough cut, precision cut or with end machining per your requirements.

>> Ball Screws

Our selection of ball screws in alloy or stainless should help satisfy any high load, high efficiency applications.

>> Blocks

EP offers a selection of bearing housing blocks suitable for mounting the bearings that will support your lead screw. Certain part numbers are drilled for anti-rotation shafts that will keep the lead screw nut from rotating.

>> Flanges

Our ACME lead screw nuts have a threaded area for attaching different flanges. EP offers two styles of mounting flanges; one with bolt holes perpendicular to the lead screw, another with bolt holes parallel to the lead screw.

>> Nuts for ACME Style Screws

Choose from our standard power nuts, anti-backlash nuts or adjustable compliant nuts. All nut bodies are made from a Teflon and silicon filled plastic.

>> Nuts for Ball Screws

Ball screw nuts are available in alloy or stainless steel in single circuit, dual circuit, or anti-backlash configurations.

>> Nuts for PS Style Screws

Lead Screw nuts for our PS style screws are made from a lubricant filled Polyacetal and have built-in flanges. Each nut style uses a different anti-backlash mechanism.

>> PS Style Screws

We offer PS style lead screws in a number of different diameters and leads. We can sell lead screws in bulk length, rough cut, precision cut or with end machining per your requirements.

For more information, or to discuss your project, please contact EP GROUP today.