Linear Motion System Components

Linear Motion System Components

EP GROUP has a comprehensive selection of precision components for linear motion applications. Our standard components range in shaft and bearing sizes from 1/4 in. to 1-1/2 in. diameter and linear guides with travel from 4 in. to 35 in. All components are available in inch and metric sizes.

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>> Linear Bearings

High precision linear bearings enable endless rectilinear motion using recirculating, rolling balls. They are available in closed, adjustable or open styles, with either flanges or snap ring grooves for installation.

>> Precision Rubber Rollers

These parts use a neoprene rubber outer diameter supported by an aluminum inner body to provide a compliant roller with good traction. Parts are available with a hub to act as a drive roller, or with a bearing to function as an idler.

>> Shaft Supports

EP offers several types of shaft supports used to mount your linear shaft and bearing assemblies. Shaft support blocks and hangers clamp on to the end of the linear shaft and can be bolted down to a surface parallel to the shafting. Support rails are extruded aluminum bases that support the linear shaft along its entire length. These rails can be bought pre-drilled or assembled complete with linear shafting.

>> Shafting

Precision case hardened and ground shafting is designed for use with linear bearings. Material choices include C-1060 steel case hardened to Rockwell 60-65C, 440C stainless steel case hardened to Rockwell 50-55C as well as precision ground 303 stainless steel (Rockwell 70-95B tyEPal). EP can supply this shafting in bulk length, rough cut, precision cut or with modifications or mounting holes.