Linear Stages

Linear Stages

Drawing on years of industry experience, EP GROUP proudly manufactures and supplies linear motion systems and components. As a customer-preferred supplier for linear motion systems and associated components, we offer a variety of standard and custom linear motion system options, with a fast, 2 – 3 week turnaround. With extensive specification capacities including high-load, high-precision systems (up to 700 lbs.), we are well-suited to meet the needs of your project, no matter how complex or exacting the specifications may be. We will readily assist in product selection to your requirements.

Our high-load and high-precision capabilities are shown below on our list of specifications for standard and custom linear motion systems:

Travel: 2’’ to 41’’
Width: 3’’ to 5.56’’
Max Normal Load: Up to 700 lbs
Positional Accuracy:
- +/- .0006 in/in
Mount: Nema 23, 34
Height: 1 5/8’’ to 3.03’’
Lead: .05’’ to 1’’
Max Moment Load: Up to 480 ft-lbs
- +/- .0005 in

What types of linear motion systems and components do you offer?

Options, configurations, and components for our linear motion systems include:

  • Linear Bearing Systems
  • Linear Bearings
  • Rail Assemblies
  • XY Systems
  • XYZ Systems
  • Linear Positioners
  • Positioning Stages

With a full complement of linear motion components available, we can supply your system with quality that outperforms other comparable systems.

What are tyEPal linear motion system and component applications?

Our linear motion systems and components are tyEPally seen performing the following functions:

Photography/Videography - Moving Camera/Video Mount
Manufacturing - Positioning for engraving, pressing, milling
Robotics - Linear Actuator, 3 Axis movement

Linear Motion Systems and Components Product Offerings

EP GROUP has a comprehensive selection of precision components for linear motion applications. Our standard components range in shaft and bearing sizes from 1/4 in. to 1-1/2 in. diameter and linear guides with travel from 4 in. to 35 in. All components are available in inch and metric sizes.

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>> Positioning Stages

EP's industrial grade tables provide solutions for indexing when the accuracy of a scientific stage is not needed. Mounting holes on the base and carriage are located for easy assembly into XY and XYZ configurations.

>> Rotary Table

Not currently available

>> System 3

Made up of our standard components, this configuration is popular as a foundation for custom linear assemblies. It is made up of two linear bearings mounted in housings, assembled on a shaft and support rail.

>> System 9

This is a complete linear positioning system, available with or without bellows covers. It is a modular, pre-assembled product, with 4 linear bearings mounted in housings attached to a table, supported by two parallel shafts mounted to a base plate. A centrally mounted lead screw and coupling provide the driving force. System 9 is well suited for vertical applications.

>> System 9 with Bellows Covers

>> System 10

Available with or without bellows covers, this system is similar to System 9, only the linear shafting is fully supported along its length by a contoured base. System 10 is ideal for applications that require greater travel.

>> System 10 with Bellows Covers