Linear Slides

Linear Slides

As a precision manufacturer of mechanical products for over 50 years, EP GROUP carries an extensive selection of linear slides, which are often used in the manufacturing, optics, research, and electronics industries. Taking into account the various degrees of accuracy and sizes required for different applications, we carry a full range of sizes, configurations, and accuracy grades. If our standard selection doesn't meet your requirements, we're also happy to modify a standard linear slide to fit your specifications. Standard parts and custom fabricated linear slides are available in these ranges:

Travel: .5" to 12"
Height: .126" to 1.77"
Straight Line Accuracy: .001" to .00008" /inch
Width: .26" to 3.937"

What types of linear slides do you offer?

The term linear slide encompasses many different product types. EP GROUP proudly carries an extensive selection that is sure to meet your needs. Linear slide varieties include:

  • Ball Slides
  • Crossed Roller Slides
  • Slide Guides
  • Economy Slides
  • Bearing Rails

Our linear slides are tyEPally offered in your choice of aluminum or steel.

Responsible for the proper functioning of complex laser measurement systems, linear slides must be expertly manufactured. With our experience in precision manufacturing to very tight tolerances and accuracies, we ensure the proper motion and calibration of these highly specialized components. Just a few of the functions that precision linear slides enable are:

  • Part Movement
  • Laser Adjustment
  • Sliding Friction and Wear Tests
  • Component Assembly

As part of our mission to provide as much assistance to our customers as possible, we also sell supporting hardware for linear motion control applications. We're committed to being your final destination for all your mechanical hardware needs: From custom precision work to ensuring hardware compatibility, our goal is to help you. For more information, please contact us today.

Linear Slide Product Offerings

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>> Aluminum Crossed Roller Slides

Aluminum slides with crossed roller bearings, highest accuracy, travel from 1’’ to 4’’.

>> Ball Slide Guides

Carriage and guide rail systems using recirculating ball bearings, travel up to 18’’.

>> Ball Slides

Aluminum Slides with ball bearings, highest accuracy, travel from ½’’ to 12’’.

>> Economy Ball Slides

Aluminum Slides with ball bearings, travel from 1’’ to 6’’.

>> Economy Crossed Roller Slides

Aluminum slides with crossed roller bearings, travel from ½’’ to 4’’.

>> Positioners

Aluminum ball bearing slides that have a micrometer built in to precisely adjust the position of the table.

>> Rails

Crossed roller bearing assemblies consisting of hardened steel rails and rollers, travel up to 9’’.

>> Steel Crossed Roller Slides

Steel slides with crossed roller bearings, highest accuracy, travel from 1’’ to 4’’.