Precision Shaft

Precision Shaft

EP GROUP manufactures many types of precision shaft. These include inch shafting, metric shafting, and hardened stainless steel shafting. Our precision shafting is an essential component of many mechanical assemblies that incorporate our other product lines, and is compatible with nearly all EP components. TyEPally, industrial buyers run into problems when a company supplies shafting but partners with other manufacturers to provide the associated bearings and retaining rings. To avoid that issue, we manufacture and sell most of the parts that you’ll need, ensuring compatibility and accuracy for any application.

Just a few of the products that use our precision shaft are:

  • Wind Measuring Devices
  • Laboratory Instruments
  • Fiber Optics Inspection Equipment
  • Oil Drilling Measurement Equipment
  • Robotics

With this wide range of uses, our products are well suited for the meteorology, optics, oil and gas, and research industries, to name a few.

Specifications for Our Precision Shafting

Since no two applications are quite the same, and high precision is usually a must, EP GROUP features an extensive inventory of standard shafting in varying diameters, lengths, and finishes. In addition to products ordered by part number, we can also manufacture custom precision shafting to print. Our ranges cover:

Diameter: From 1/32’’ to 1 ½’’
Hardness: Up to Rockwell 65 C
Straightness: Up to .0003’’/Inch
Length: Up to 10 feet
Surface Finish: As low as 8 micro inch
Diameter Tolerance (-): .0005’’ to .0001’’

Along with our options in size and finish, we also manufacture precision shafting in different steel materials:

  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • C-1060 Steel
  • 440 C Steel

As a value added service to our customers, we also provide the following options as part of our precision shafting offering:

  • Ring Grooves
  • Journal Ends
  • Through Holes
  • Rough Cut to Length
  • Threaded Ends
  • Machine to Print
  • Chamfered Ends
  • Milled Flats
  • Hardening

Precision Shaft Product Offerings

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>> Metric Precision Ground Shafting

3 to 6 mm diameters in incremental lengths with chamfered ends

>> Metric Precision Ground Shafting – Rough Cut

Rough cut in 600 and 1000 mm lengths

>> Precision Case Hardened and Ground Shafting

Inch and metric sizes in designs suitable for linear bearings

>> Precision Ground Shafting - Chamfered

1/8 to 3/8 inch diameters in incremental lengths with chamfered ends

>> Precision Ground Shafting – Rough Cut

Rough cut in 12, 16, 24 and 36 inch lengths

>> Ultra Precision Shafting

Tightest tolerances possible on diameter and straightness.