Standard Spur Gears

Standard Spur Gears

Offering an enormous selection of standard spur gears, and full custom capabilities for machine to print orders, EP GROUP is pleased to serve clients from all industries. Our standard catalog features over 10,000 spur gear part numbers. With capabilities for segment and internal spur gear configurations, our high-volume manufacturing expertise enables us to satisfy difficult orders. With 50 years of experience, we provide expert application support and product selection advice, ensuring that your order is correct, and the parts succeed in your application.

What standard spur gear varieties do you offer?

The term spur gear represents a number of different products. Fortunately, we specialize in meeting any and all customer requirements by offering the following types of spur gears:

  • Sector Gears
  • Internal Gears
  • Helical Gears
  • Pinion Gears
  • Metric Spur Gears
  • Pinion Shafts
  • Anti-Backlash Gears

For more options, please contact us with your project details and we’ll steer you towards the right solution.

What spur gear specification options are available?

Suitable for a wide range of products, our standard hub types and quality level options will usually meet your project parameters and constraints. If you require a highly specialized gear, the following specifications define our standard selection and routine customization options. Specifications include:

Diametral Pitch - 16 to 120
Face Width - 1/8’’ to 3/8’’
Hub Types - Pin, Clamp, Hubless
Quality Level - AGMA Q10 to Q14
Module - .25 to 1.0
Bores - 1/8’’ to 3/8’’
OD Range - 3/8’’ to 5’’
Standard materials options are: 303 stainless steel, 2024 aluminum, and Delrin.

What products are your spur gears used in?

The variety of products and applications in which our customers incorporate our spur gears indicates our range of capabilities and expertise in meeting any requirement. We have proven our skill in the following types of projects and industries:

  • Control Systems - (Sensor Drives) Encoders, Potentiometers, Resolvers
  • Research/Quality - Gauges, Dials
  • Quality/Inspection - (Optics Adjustment, Part position) - Microscopes, Comparators
  • Medical - (Angular Adjustment) Orthopedic Devices, Surgical Equipment
  • Agriculture - Feeders, Harvesters, Bailers

Standard Spur Gear Product Offerings

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