Timing Belts and Standard Pulleys

Timing Belts and Standard Pulleys

Specializing in custom timing belt and pulley manufacturing for high-precision, low-load applications, EP GROUP has been successfully supporting our customers for over 50 years. Available in many sizes and varieties, our products undergo rigorous testing at our in-house test lab to ensure we meet your exact specifications and standards. Because we serve a diverse range of industries, we offer unique, custom-made timing belts and pulleys that cater to your individual application: from night vision goggles to scanning equipment, our products can be found performing quintessential roles.

In addition to timing belts and pulleys, we also offer several other services to accommodate our clients. We're happy to modify standard parts, work with special sizes, and conduct dynamometer testing. We also custom design pulleys and offer machine to print services.

Timing Belt Product Offerings

EP GROUP has increased its range of belts and pulleys to provide users with the most complete line for motion control and light power transmission. Designers are no longer confined to the use of one type of drive system. EP GROUP offers No-Slip, No-Slide, E*P*S, E*P*S HTD (Metric), Round Belts, and Miniature Chain. All are available with appropriate pulleys or sprockets in various materials.

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>> Belt Tensioner

This part has a movable arm with a bearing supported shaft for attaching an idler pulley. Position the arm and pulley for desired belt tension and lock the arm in place with the supplied locking screw.

>> E*P*S*

These timing belts employ the classic trapezoidal tooth form and are available in several materials and pitches. These belts carry higher loads and are capable of higher speeds than our No-Slip and No-Slide options. Pitches include MXL, XL, L and 40 DP.

>> E*P*S* HTD

These belts are similar to the EPS style, but have a more refined curvilinear tooth form for higher torque applications. This allows for slightly better performance over the trapezoidal tooth belts. Like the EPS belts there are several material options in 3mm and 5mm pitches.

>> No-Slide

This series of timing belt is molded in polyurethane and is available in a number of common pitches. Each belt has a stainless steel or Kevlar tensile member encapsulated in its center which ads strength and helps position the belt on the pulleys without the use of flanges. We sell these as either closed belts or in bulk lengths of up to 100 feet for field splicing. Pulleys are made of aluminum and are available in a number of configurations.

>> No-Slip

This series of timing belts is molded in polyurethane and is available in a number of common pitches. Each belt has either one or two tensile members running within its length, in your choice of stainless steel cable for strength or Aramid fiber for flexibility. We sell these as either a closed belt or in bulk lengths up to 100 feet for field splicing. Pulleys are made from either aluminum or stainless steel.

>> Round Belts

We offer round belts, or O-ring belts, in a number of diameters and standard lengths. Custom length belts are available upon request. Our round groove pulleys come in stainless steel or aluminum.

>> Stainless Steel Roller Chain

For applications that see very high loads, stainless steel roller chain is often the best choice. EP offers roller chain in .1475'' pitch and .250'' pitch (#25). Chains are available cut to your specific length and supplied with a connector, or in bulk length. The corresponding sprockets are available in stainless steel or aluminum in several configurations.


What industries do you serve and what are some tyEPal timing belt and pulley applications?

At EP GROUP, we're proud to support numerous industries, including:

  • Control systems
  • Optics
  • Robotics
  • Linear motion
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical

Within each industry, our timing belts and pulleys are used with products such as encoders, gantry systems, spindles and pumps, and scanning equipment. Many of these products depend on belts and pulleys to perform or support critical functions, such as sensor drives, eye-piece movement, table drives, light machine drives, and sensor positioning.

What kind of timing belts and pulleys do you offer?

EP GROUP is pleased to offer a wide array of timing belts and pulleys, including:

  • Miniature, stock, and standard timing belts and pulleys
  • No-Slip and No-Slide belts and pulleys
  • HTD belts and pulleys
  • Synchronous belts and pulleys
  • Round belts
  • Open ended belts
  • Posi-drive belts
  • Ladder chain belts

If you can't find a belt or pulley that meets your requirements, EP GROUP will work with you to custom design the right solution for your needs.

What materials and specification ranges do you work with?


Circular Pitch
.080" .15708" (20 DP) 5mm
.0816" (40 DP) .200" #25
.0982 (32 DP) .250" MXL
.1309" (24 DP) .375" XL
.1475" 3 mm  

Tooth Form - Involute, Sprocket, Trapezoidal, Curvilinear
RPM - Up to 24,000
Operating Load (lbs) - 4-100
Core Material - Steel Cable, Kevlar Cable, Wound Fiberglass, Wound Kevlar


Body - Polyurethane, Urethane, TPU, Neoprene
Core - Stainless Steel, Kevlar, Fiberglass
Pulley - 303 Stainless Steel, 2024-T4 aluminum, Polycarbonate, Delrin