Collars and Clamps- gear rack



Collars and Clamps

>> Hub Clamps

These parts are sized to fit our split hub gears and pulleys, allowing you to repeatedly remove or adjust your part’s position on a shaft. Parts are available in several styles, with reduced clearance and balancing options for demanding applications.

>> Screw Type Clamp

These clamps allow you to apply pressure by tightening 4 set screws spaced radially along the outside of the part.

>> Set Screw Collars

EP’s set screw collars are convenient for locating and retaining components on a shaft. Use the set screw to hold the collar’s position, a small recess is located 90° from the screw as a start for a drill; you have the option of drilling through the collar and shaft to install a pin for the best results.

>> Split Type Clamp

This is a heavy duty clamp design when higher holding forces are required.


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